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Acid Attack On AAP's Tribal Activist Soni Sori

February 21, 2016 09:47 AM

AAP's Tribal Activist leader Soni Sori has recently been admitted to hospital on 20.02.2016, Saturday when 3 unidentified men on a motorbike threw acid chemicals on her face according to Chattisgarh's district police. This incident recently happened near Jawanga village which comes inder Geedam Police Station on 10.40pm when victim was with her two associates going to Geedam from Jagdalpur. According to officials the victim reported that 3 people on a motorcycle while crossing Bastanar Ghat stopped them and threw a liquid like acid on her face and ran from there. Shocked from the incident victim's associates rushed her into the hospital. Althought chemical had not effects on disfiguration of her face but she felt a very bad burning sensation.


Soon case was registered against the officials. Sori is a tribal activist leader and is a warden at goverment school in Jabeli where she is a teacher of tribal children.



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